we make films about their music.

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wearepostrock is meant to expose the inspirational and unique musical approach found in post-rock. (We) in the sense of all the post-rock bands and fans play a big part in this obscure and underestimated musical movement.

Our purpose in this is to subjectify ourselves in the music and visualize imagery for the postrock community. We genuinely believe that perhaps the really provocative area for future musical development lies in postrock.

We record and produce these HD concerts because we want to capture the closest thing to what it’s like being at a live postrock/instrumental show - doing it all for the love and passion we have for postrock music and all its bands.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for watching our videos!


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Slow Six - These Rivers Between Us

Put this collective in the “rock” bin only because rock fans are so likely to like them. For while many Brooklyn bands bandy about the term “experimental,” Slow Six makes it meaningful with piercing string snippets, haunted motifs, and glassy—or is it Glass-y?—synths.

-last.fm. myspace. official site.

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